A Million Princes Tomorrow

by Yahwndura

No! I ain't your Mama!
But I am
The voice of a black Woman
Directly to the soul
Encouraging her tender Princes
With knowledge
And not forgotten mother wit

I'm tired of hearing the quote
"It's hard for a black man"
It's purpose and theme is too far worn
What about the Black Women?
Stop saying I'm not your Mama!
Stop treating me like I am!
I tell you what we're doing wrong
We raise your young Black men
And sometimes allow you and them to forget
That there's only One Mama
It's not her you're making love to
Night after night
Yet you're crying for her still
Then leave to continue the Saga
Of being ruled by the system of the Man
What system?
The system to destroy the mentality of the Black Society
No job, No home, planting fear in his mind
And the Women
Well who would a po broke down Man
Who can't provide for his own?
The system says
Oh yeah we'll provide
We'll take care of his child
Til he comes to our standards
Our mind, Our Guidelines
If he can't
We'll lock him up
Strip away his dignity and his pride
Where are the Good Men
They're married and have gone on
A broke down culture -
The only means to survive
Is by the mindset of the enemy
And what he's purposed for our lives
Who wants to bow down?
No one! Not even I!
This single Black Woman - Provider
Mother of a Million Princes Tomorrow

My Sons - Oh my sons can't grow up
Thinking he can't defeat
The darkening shadows that's been placed in our lives
Increase his knowledge by increasing my own
Increase his awareness by increasing my own
Someone once gave the order
"By all means necessary"
Well, Work for the Mans company
If not your own
Abide by his rule and learn
The procedure of your future independence
Adapting to the opponents environment
Being wise on both hands is the key to 
The Game
Malcolm X can't do it
No, not even Mr. King
They've paved enough of the way for the
Young Black Man
It's now your turn

It's said it's good for them to know their roots
To know from wince they come
Paternity? Child Support?
You say it's not your Son?
Our ancestry is more than a color
It's the Blood that pours through our veins
A child over here
A child over there
Who is my Mother?
Who is my Father?
Daddy, papa, uncle who?
Come on Black Woman
Come on Black Man
Father of a Million Princes Tomorrow

The example they need to see is one set by you and me
I will not be a crutch for you
Keeping you in a place where you need not be
Yet if I have to raise my Princes alone
I'll teach him to be all that GOD has called him to be
Stand up and be our Princes, our Warriors, our Kings,
Our dark yet shining Light
Light of hope for our Children
History in the making
Ancestry of a Million Princes Tomorrow

A Million Princes Tomorrow by Yahwndura

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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