If Bill Clinton Was a Brotha

by Wiseone

Monica Lewinsky would have been America’s darling abused little angel, 
crying on Oprah Winfrey’s shoulder

Ken Starr would be a righteous hero, and a shoe-in for the next 
Presidential election

Vernon Jordan, like the good Negro he is,
	Would have turned him in

Jesse Jackson, being the good Negro he is, would have slowly slinked
	Away and distanced himself, just like he did with Louis Farrakhan

Instead of Justice Rhenquist, Clarence Thomas would have overseen the proceedings,
	And, being the good Negro he is, it’s a position he’d have gladly accepted

Instead of censoring vs. removal, the debate would have been this noose or 
	That there bon fire, and it would all be available on lynchthepresident.com
And impeachment would have been carried out posthumously

But, then again, if Bill Clinton was a Brotha
We’d have to pull his card
Cause a real Brotha wouldn’t have gotten himself involved in such nonsense
He would have been faithful to his wife
An example to his children
And committed to strengthening the black family

Of course, if Bill Clinton was a Brotha…a real Brotha
He would never have been President in the first place!

If Bill Clinton Was a Brotha by Wiseone

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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