Poetry My Motion

by Knowledge 4 the Soul

     To all those who criticize and say that I am no poet
This my friends is dedicated to you
     See what you fail to realize is that I already know it
Except my friend all that I have ever written is true

     Poetry is my love and one honest desire
Without it I am just another lost soul
     Poetry is my life and all that I admire
It warms my coldest and sometimes darkest colds

     So simple are the words yet so simple are the letters
That I try to write each and everyday
     Many poems you may have already heard are far more better
And even sound more “tight” then the words I might say

     But one thing I can promise is that my poetry will stay sure
As sure as I know that one day I will die
      Believe my poetry is honest truthful and pure
It always seems to put me on my own personal high

     So many emotions are often kept secret
And slowly but surely eat away at the mind
     But as for me I refuse to keep it
So with a pen and a piece of paper I begin to unwind

     By what do I mean when I say poetry my motion
I mean it is the air that I breathe
     Almost as if I were a fiend with only one notion
No longer a want but most certainly a need

     A need to express all that I keep inside
From my modest happiness to my sometimes foolish pride

     So if you can see all that I see
And feel all that I feel
     Then maybe you can understand me 
And understand that my poetry is REAL


 Dedicated to all who do not understand me   

Poetry My Motion by Knowledge 4 the Soul

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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