by Knowledge 4 the Soul

Eyes filled with fury

With words so harsh that they could make a stone wall melt

How can any one claim to be my jury

Yet never been through the things that I have felt


You don’t really know me

Or the shit that I been through

So why are you trying to overthrow me

Tell me what it is that I did to you


Is it because I am very proud

Proud of what I once was

What I am today

And what I plan to be

Yes I scream it out loud

Regardless of what any one does

Watch me as I say everybody come look at me


Grown from a little spec of dust

Into a mountain of solid sand

How many others can claim to have done this

Elbows hidden with rust

Rugged working mans hands

And plenty of blood on these fists


What would you rather see

A man filled with pride

Or a boy filled with sorrow

Sorry sorrow just can never be me

I run with a stride

Live for today and not for tomorrow

And the first one I take care of is “D”


That was for my brother

Who consistently attempts to tests me

A test often too hard but I always manage to pass

He says I am like no other

But he bitches if the cops arrest me

He riots throwing bottles and bricks through glass


But quick to test my hands

And tell me I am wrong

Because unlike him I have a mind of my own

Mad because I do not answer to his demands

And I sing my own song

Because unlike  “my brother” I am grown


So regardless what you say or see

So regardless what you do or feel

I know only God can judge me

And that phrase I hold oh too real

Fury by Knowledge 4 the Soul

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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