Soul Mates

by Wanda Seals

               When we first met
            Destiny was already set

         I know we have what it takes
        Let's get together for our sakes

      We have a passion that is so strong
              Nothing can harm it
             Or make it go wrong

       We share a love that is free to soar
         Free to touch, free to explore

Each and every inch of our mind, body and soul

          We compliment each other
         You are so suave my brother

When I fall down, I know you will pick me up.
       That is why I will be there for you
    Through the good, the bad and the ugly

        This is what makes love strong
      This will keep us from going wrong

 True love is in the heart, mind, body and soul

           It's a give and take thing
      I give my all and hope you do too

 Together we are an evolution of emotions
Emotions shared by two that become as one

        A Romance that is so tight
              It must be right

    You see I have searched my entire body
     I have felt deep down in my heart

 I have checked all the corners of my mind
 I have conferred with my inner most soul

 Now I am convinced that I belong to you
      In a sense that I cannot concede

    I also know that you belong to me
             Mind, body, soul

        We will remain love mates
      As long as we inhabit this earth

      We will remain soul mates for
               An eternity

Soul Mates by Wanda Seals

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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