Politically Correct

by Wanda R. Seals

                         From Kings and Queens of Africa
                           To the Slave ships of America                  
                       From Massa's awful Auction Block                   
        To the day of "Before I be a slave, I be buried in my grave!"     
            It took Blood, sweat and tears to make our people free        
           It took many more years to educate the masses you see.         
             We went from the back of the bus, to driving the bus             
           From I Kant read - to I can read - to I don't wanna read       
                              Is this politically correct?                
               We went from Is I'm - To I am - To Who you be?
                  From Dat Po chile - To that wonderful child - To whose         
                                     child is that?
                              Is this politically correct?

         We went from It's hopeless - To by any means necessary -
                                   To the Hell with it
                      We've gone from strength - To excuses
          Think about it, crack cocaine, ebonics, unemployment, the
                                      thug life
                These are our Black children, our Black families
          Now, think about the Blood, the sweat, the tears that were
                    shed to make a better Me and a better You
                                   Was It all in vain?
                          Or was it just politically correct.

Politically Correct by Wanda R. Seals

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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