Never Give Up

by Wanda Seals

               Never Give Up
     Even when they tell you to shut up

               Never give up
  Always press on, eventually you will win

              Never look back
  Even if they tell you, you left your snack

                 Never quit
      Remember life is not always legit

        Never let'em see you sweat
     Even when you've piled up a debt

        Never let'em pull you down
  If you fall, get up and laugh like a clown

            Never let Satan win
Leave him off your agenda, don't let him win

              Make him wait
            Tell him it is too late
            Put him on the gate
       Tell him that you love not hate

          Smile at the world Jack
 Your might be surprised, it might smile back

              Raise your hand
               Make a stand

            Don't just sit down
       Mouth poked out with a frown

Get up and do something about the situation
          All it takes is dedication

       Get down with the right thing.
If you can dance, dance, if you can sing, sing

 Show off your God given talents and grace
         To the faces of many races

               Don't give up
               Never shut up
              Don't stop doing
               Keep on going

  The end as you see it may not be the end.

Never Give Up by Wanda Seals

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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