The Trouble I See

by Vickie Lynn Wilson

The clock struck twelve and my boy turned sixteen.
Oh! The Trouble I See.
He's hanging out with older guys
some I've never seen. 

I've noticed trouble approaching my boy
after meeting his older friends.
It was obvious he was different from them,
and didn't really fit in. 

Well after a couple of days passed by
the friendship seemed to grow.
But I noticed my boy was hanging out
and ignoring the things he was told. 

Almost a year has come and gone,
they were always on the go.
I asked my son, if he was in a gang,
and he responded, NO! 

I noticed little items
new in his possession.
I questioned him about them
and got a slight confession. 

Mom didn't I tell you to stop
going through my things.
You see how mad it makes me
and the arguments that it brings. 

Son, I'm just concerned
about the company that you keep.
Mom, is very worried
trying to keep you from defeat. 

You have three days to tell those guys
the friendship has to end.
Or I'll tell them myself, and thank the Lord
for my instincts that He sends. 

Let me tell you something boy
you're not a grown man yet.
Remember the guidance and the love
your spirit should direct. 

I'm raising you kids with the strength
the Lord has given me in spirit.
And whether or not you like the rules
it's my job to make sure of it. 

You're down to one-day left to tell
your friends what I have said.
I forbid you to hang with older guys,
just be a teen instead. 

Mom, you've taught me right from wrong
and straying was my fault.
I didn't see any trouble coming
it was friendship that I sought. 

I thank you Mom for noticing
the gang that I had joined.
I thank the Lord's saving grace
my death you almost had to mourn.

The Trouble I See by Vickie Lynn Wilson

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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