So Be It

by Vanessa Richardson

Part 1

Everybody say...
Everybody say...
Everybody say...

"May the mercy of God keep you and yours as we enter into a new week" Pastor Meredith's parting words invoked a chorus of amen's.The congregation began to file in the aisles greeting each other in their exodus. Trinity felt at peace as she greeted her fellow parishioners. Pastor Meredith's sermons always revitalized her. Glancing up, Trinity took note that she was close to the exit. Hearing her name being hailed her stomach lurched. She recognized the voice's owner.

"I've got to get out of here," Trinity murmured. She did not want to talk to him today. Why is that exit running? She heard her name again this time his voice was closer.

Trinity maximized her steps. A cowardly act she knew but she just could not deal with him. He did nothing to disrespect her in fact he was always gracious towards her. Helpful to her. It was just that he made her uncomfortable. When around him, she was vastly aware of herself. And she didn't like it one bit! Almost there. She felt a tap on her shoulder and her name called. She had to deal with this confrontation.

"Vance. How are you?" Turning she looked into his piercing light brown eyes. Trinity felt as though he could peer into her soul. She felt the unction to turn and flee from the church's sanctuary. Vance's presence was just that overpowering.

Tilting his head slightly Vance returned the greeting, "I am fantastic. Thank you for inquiring." He continued to stare. Trinity wanted to fidget under his gaze but restrained herself. Vance was the kind of man that a sister just wanted to run to when they have encountered a problem. He was the type of man a sister could talk to for hours on end. He walked in humility and was a very successful Lawyer. And at the prime age of 35, Vance has established his own law practice. An amazing feat considering his background and history.

"Did you want something, Vance?" He continued to stare. Trinity mouth became dry under his gaze. She felt hypnotized. Trinity knew Vance wasn't flirting with her or making advances toward her. Vance wasn't that type of man. Yet, there he stood staring. Silently asking something from her.

"What are you asking me, Vance?"

"Uh, yes. Please forgive me for staring." Shrugging. "I couldn't help myself." Shaking his head Vance extended his hand. "I just wanted to give you this". It was Trinity's bible.

"My goodness, How could I have forgotten this?" Trinity clutched the bible to her chest. "Thank you so much Vance. I truly appreciate this. I took copious notes from Pastor Meredith's sermon today and I wanted to review them when I got home. I would have been disappointed having discovered that I left this here." Trinity smiled and turned to leave. Now I will just make my exit she thought.

"Not a problem," Vance hastily replied. Clearing his throat he proceeded, "Glad I was able to prevent you from facing that... disappointment." Please. He begged her silently. Don't run from me. Don't make me face that disappointment. Vance opened his mouth as if to say something.

Why won't he go away now? Trinity thought. There was a painful silence. Glancing over Vance's shoulder Trinity noticed today's Sunday scripture posted on the wall. Jeremiah 31:3. "Yea, I have loved thee with an Everlasting Love: therefore with loving and kindness have I drawn thee."

Trinity pondered on the word "Love." She wondered if there was such a thing as love at first sight. Nodding her head Trinity again made to exit.

What can I say to make her stay a little longer? Vance was at a loss for words. He did not know how to reach Trinity. He has been a member of Deliverance Victory Temple Ministries for two years now. Two years of admiring her from a distance. Two years of praying to God needing to know if she was the one for him.

Two years of Trinity not knowing that he even existed. Two years of craving for her to bless him with her attention. Just smile. A look. Something. He was just that desperate. From the first time he saw Trinity he knew that there was something about the lady. When he was around her (short period of time mind you) it seemed the lady seemed pressed to be somewhere else.

"Proverbs 18:22." The scripture came forth before he could staunch them. Vance's heart rate accelerated as he waited for her to face him. Suddenly his mouth felt like cotton. The room seemed to have shrunk. All sounds ceased and it was just the two of them.

Trinity paused in mid-stride. Did she hear him correctly? Why Vance would quote that particular passage? Proverb 18:22. It was just recently she was studying that same passage. Slowly turning around she faced Vance. When she looked into his eyes she shivered. His eyes were a dark brown. They were beautiful. They reminded her of the sun. Vance held the sun in his eyes. His presence was illuminating to her.

Suddenly, Trinity became thirsty for answers. She wanted to know Vance. She wanted to know his interests, his disappointments, and his accomplishments. What's his favorite color? His favorite foods? She was...she was afraid of him. She wanted to run. He stared imploringly at her. What was he asking of her? She stayed.

"Why did you quote that scripture, Vance? Are you studying it too?" Trinity held her breath awaiting his response.

"I have been studying that scripture for years. I just seem to be living it now." Vance advanced closer to Trinity. He couldn't help it. He was drawn to her. "The man who finds a wife finds a good thing; she is a blessing to him from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22. Vance quoted the scripture and waited. "Trinity..."

Panicking Trinity began to stutter. "I really must be going Vance. Thank you for returning my bible to me." Trinity all but ran from the church. Exiting the church Trinity was aware of the beauty of the day. Across the street the park stirred with activity. Venders smiled in anticipation at the mass of people waiting in line to be served.

"Trinity?" Trinity stopped but didn't face Vance. "Why are you running from me? I am not a stalker. I am not some monster. Forgive me for sounding crass, but when I am around you, I feel the need to check for body odor." Trinity laughed at this. Vance stepped around to face Trinity.

"A laugh? I got a laugh from you." Vance felt hopeful enough to continue. "Trinity, I would be honored if you would have dinner with me. I must be honest Trinity. I quoted that scripture to you from my heart. God has presented me with his gift. You Trinity." Vance paused to gauge Trinity's reaction to this. "It is His will and to His will I say, so be it."

Trinity felt discombobulated. What was she to say to this announcement? Things like this just didn't happen to her! Was Vance serious? So many thoughts were running around in her head. The wind caressed Trinity's skin as if telling her to just believe. Meeting Vance's eyes Trinity smiled. "So be it then." Vance smiled and released the breath he was holding. So be it then.

So Be It by Vanessa Richardson

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