by Vanessa Richardson

I was afraid to admit this. But it true. 
I often think of you as my boo.
I think about the times you make me laugh and I admit to myself.  
This man is my other half.
The chase have been called off 
and I surrender to this thing called love. 
I think I need a hug.
I think of your smile 
and my heart it just goes WILD.
I was afraid to admit this. 
But it is true. I pray for you.
I pray you understand me. The real me. You see me. 
The real me. And that you appreciate me.
That your dedicated to me. That you crave me.  
Know me. Free like the wind.
Know me. Strong like the stone.  
Me. Tender as the steak you eat.
I pray for your strength. 
As there many who will try to tempt. I think about you.
Skin the color of pecan. 
A man with a solid plan. 
I think about you. 
In the midst of adversity you don't fold. 
You know God has got it all in control.
I think about you. 
I was afraid to admit this. 
But it is true. 
I can't wait to say I do.

Untitled by Vanessa Richardson

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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