A Playful List

by Vanessa Richardson

"Two days left until Christmas" came the radio announcer's jovial cry. Patricia turned off the radio and inserted her newly purchased Juanita Bynum Christmas CD. Juanita's soothing voices immediately set the atmosphere. Christmas was almost here.

"Sing it Juanita." Patricia set at her desk and began to write a letter to her Mother. It was then a thought entered her mind. If she believed in Santa Claus and she didn't. But if she did. She would write him a letter. A request of sorts. Giggling Patricia made two separate lists. One naughty and the other nice. "The naughty will be last. Let's start with the nice" ruminating Patricia was shocked to discover that only two of her friends made the nice list.

Jackie King and Albordine Rich. "Let's see.... hum, these ladies are just too nice for their own good." A mischievous glint appeared in Patricia's eyes. Her hand began to take on a life of its own. So began her petition to Santa.

"Santa baby, these ladies need some naughtiness in their lives. Too much niceness leads to a boring life. Jackie has definitely been nice this year and is well deserving of the best Christmas present ever." Clearing her throat she wrote her request for Jackie. "It is my request that Jackie's gift be an original. Such a unique person deserves only a unique gift."

This gift must come from somewhere different. Like..... the Bahamas! And standing in at 6'2 and his heart must be true and for her, he must know exactly what to do and how to do it. Jackie is the kind of sister that puts a man through to win her heart. Look, Santa this is just a starter's list. He must have really good strong teeth and he must know how to use them. Nothing rough as Jackie is a sensitive soul. Make them his weapon. I can't tell him how he must figure it out and once he masters this his battle is halfway won."

The shrieking of the phone caused Patricia to spill her cappuccino. A glance at the caller I.D revealed it was her mother. Not wanting to stop her Santa's request list she opted to call her Mother back later. "I think I'll ask Santa to bring you something nice for Christmas too Mother. Something naughty and not nice. I am sure the Lord would understand." Patricia returned her attention back to her list.

"Albordine is next. Lord, know she needs some spice in her life. That girl is dry as toast." Spinning around in her chair Patricia was giddy with laughter. The image that just popped in her head was just too hilarious. Albordine's fashion sense was liken to Mary Poppin's. How she ever got married was still a mystery to Patricia. What was more mysterious was the fact that she was still married. One would think that marriage would upgrade her sex appeal. So with that thought Patricia made her request known to Santa.

"Santa baby, variety is the spice of life and Albordine need some variety desperately! Even if it is only for one night. That is alright, I will take it. Santa baby send my sister friend two cute little numbers that will send her man into a tailspin. Santa this request is needed ASAP. Albordine needs to become a fire starter. So fan the flame and bring it on, it'll not only make her happy but her husband James also. That dear little man." The shrieking of the phone caused Patricia to pause yet again. The I.D showed that it was Albordine.

"Hello." A car's horn could be heard blasting in the back ground.

"Hello, hello, hello. Get your coat and credit cards, girl. We are about to make it happen. Two days before Christmas shopping spree is good for the soul. Jackie is with me and we are armed and dangerous with our credit cards. So hurry and come on down and let's get it started!"

"It is cold outside! This is a night for shutting in and listing to music and...and." Patricia's voice trailed off. Another voiced chimed in.

"Get yourself down here now! Let's do something different tonight. For some reason I feel like being naughty." Jackie supplied excitedly.

"Jackie and Albordine? Am I dreaming? You guys don't.... Ok, I'll be down in a minute."

Patricia disconnected the line and glanced down at her request to Santa and thought...maybe there was a Santa. Shaking her head she balled the list up and threw it into waste basket. She was off to enjoy the season with her two best friends.

There was silence in the house. Not even the air stirred. Silently he made his way toward the waste basket. Retrieving the discarded list, upon reading it he released a laughed that caused his belly to shake like a bowl of jelly. His laughter was infectious. It was his eyes as they always sparkled with merriment. Looking out the window he nodded his head. "You forgot to add yourself little one. But I know what you need my dear and rest assure you'll get it this year." With that he was gone the sound of laughter following in his wake.

A Playful List by Vanessa Richardson

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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