by Vanessa Richardson

Swoosh. The sound of the transit bus door closing left her feeling uneasy. She stood there for a moment looking left and right. Something was not right. Clutching her coat tighter against the brisk wind Sarah began her track home. The wind was fierce that night whipping against her as if wanting to punish her for the audacity of being alone woman out at such an late hour. Lifting her head and opting to ignore the cold blasts fervor Sarah walked on with determination. She could hear her Nana's voice in her head.

"It just ain't right gal. You coming home late every night. It just ain't right for no young gal."

A shiver ran up her spine clutching her coat tighter, Sarah realized that it wasn't from the cold. Something was not right. She began to walk faster. She heard a noise from her left. Not bothering with an investigation with accelerated breath she walked faster.

At the sound of the second noise her stomach dropped she knew then. She felt it. She was being stalked!. She was the prey. She heard her Nana's voice again.

"Sarah, you is a good gal. But them late hours you keep just ain't right," Grandma stated.

Sarah felt the tears begin its descent down her cheeks. She was a product of the projects, her mother and her grandmother were all product of the projects. Sarah was determined to break the cycle. She attended college by day on a scholarship and at night she worked. Her life was routine she realized. She was easy picking for a would be stalker. But she was determined to have the quality of life she so richly deserved. The hairs on the nape of her neck began to stand up. She sensed the presence of someone behind her. She was chilled!

Sarah walked faster. She could hear the lone figure pace speed up as well. She began to half jog and half run. There was no one else out. She was completely alone. She began to run. Her stalker pursued.

"Help me! Somebody help me! Sarah cried. No one answered. No one to help her. She was alone. "Please, Someone help me!" These words became her litany as she sought safety.

There was debris on the pavement causing her to stumble but she was determined to survive the night. She heard her assailant stumble and assumed he fell by the grunt he expelled. She didn't spare a backward glance. She was determined to survive the night. She darted into an abandoned building trying to control her labored breathing for in the empty dilapidated structure sound was maximized. She heard him. She felt the evil his aura was projecting into the atmosphere.

Sarah braced herself against the wall and prayed. She heard him. He was laughing softly. The sound of glass crunching under his feet was heard. Trembling she pressed her lips together and continued to pray. She thought about her life. Sarah had her life all mapped out. She would become a lawyer and marry a lawyer and together they would have two kids a boy and girl. Their names were already picked out and they would live in the suburbs with two golden retriever's named Rosa Bell and Lula Bell. Her life. Her life. Her litany changed. She was determined to survive this night! She was determined to survive this night! He was there. Her stalker. Her was upon her! She could smell his pungent odor. He smell of urine, smoke, and evil.

He saw her. Licking his lips he advanced upon her. He was evil. His garments gave testament of his character. He was dressed in all black. Her stalker eyes were the color of midnight, he was Satan in reincarnation. He advanced upon her stopping in surprise. The look showed upon the monster's face. He tilted his head left as if doubting her. He smiled revealing broken brown teeth he reached for her. But she was determined! She fired!


Time stopped for Sarah. Her aim was true. He hit the ground in total disbelief. The sun had set for this predator. Sarah crumpled on to the dirty floor. Reaching into her purse that had concealed the weapon her Nana gave her she pulled out her cellular. She determinedly dialed 911 with a trembling but determined voice she uttered, "Hello. I just did the world a justice."

Determined by Vanessa Richardson

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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