The Purpose Of The Sisterhood

by Valette E. Adams

Sisters in Christ;

Meeting together in the Lord is ordained by His very hand. Living together in Him...exceeds time and space. We need not share the same physical space but divine spiritual space extends beyond culture, race, denominations, because our God is bigger than what can be seen or understood by one's finite mind.

I say this as I think of Ruth and Naomi...two women of different nations...separated by generations...but knitted together to serve a divine purpose of the Master. Mary and Martha sisters, however different as night and day...but again, sisters of divine decree by the Master. As a dear sister of mine reminded me tonight of the coming together of Mary and Elizabeth...and the baby within Elizabeth's womb leaped...for the Master's touch of His divine Love. For the God of our salvation was again using the "sisterhood" beyond measure to bring about a change in the world.

We, as sisters, too are being used by the Master's touch to come together...look beyond the culture or religion or age, but look unto the Master for that " touch " when you are brought together with another heart. Look into the eyes of your sister ..and you will see the heart of God. Let's look unto the Kingdom of God within us to see to it that His will is being brought to pass in the joining of two sister in Christ. Who is that sister He has placed in your your very His face for the purpose...of the sisterhood.

God Bless You My Sisters...

The Purpose Of The Sisterhood by Valette E. Adams

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