As You Grow...I Learn

by Valette E. Adams

                             My Son

I have been chosen...By Him.
To bring forth His son.
From heaven the Lord ordained and decreed our bond,
To a point.

There was a separation when the cord was cut.
As He spoke to my heart.." This is where IAM comes in "
And as he grows...I learn.

My son, when you took your first step
Out of my arms into your destiny..
Your purpose.
I step back...and I learn.
When you declared unto me... " I can do this, myself "
I heard from above... " He shall do this and all things through me "
I listen and I learn.

As I watch you wrestle within..
Against what you see without ,
He speaks to my heart... " Pray !"
The Spirit reminds me of my place, my role, for..
As you grow...I learn.

I learn Who is in control.
I learn Who loves you more than I.
I learn to love you as I trust and love Him Who called you forth..
More everyday.

You are Who He says you are.
And you shall become the man He has predestined you to be.
As you grow...I learn.

As You Grow...I Learn by Valette E. Adams

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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