Smoke and Mirrors

by V

  *Playas beware

Since inception my reflection
Shines pure optical deception
Feeding all ur misconceptions
Of this nice girl style perfection

You see the smile, minus the guile
Peep this lil ghetto child
In denial of the wild
Calculating, cold blood style

Manipulating, Infiltrating
Send u walkin that green mile
Contemplating, appreciating
How tights this nasty assed freestyle

Wonderin how the hell she hid it
Outplayed ur game son just admit
knew ur moves before u did it
browned ur boxers made u shit it

U know what they say boy
Two can play
Just like Usher this b my way
The roles have switched luv u b my prey
U in my world this b my day

U can't b trippin off my game
u know u tried to do the same
but next to this that shit was tame
Boy, you ought to b ashamed

U know it was just a matter of time
I exposed for the penny tryin to front like a dyme
Tried to game me, didn't expect my strike
Now that u my bitch, does that make me a dyke??

It's aight boy, aww don't pout
Schooled ur ass then tricked u out
U ain't dealin with no lil girl scout
Appearances ain't what this shit b about

Can't b trustin whats not sincere
A dangerous game, luv, best beware
Now u see the pictures clearer
Of just what b lurkin inside my mirror

Smoke and Mirrors by V

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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