by V

Says the voice:
"Now, now…ahem…testing …1,2,3… hear, hear: attention all negroes…callin all Negroes. I have an announcement to make. There is no longer a race problem in our society. I repeat race does not matter. There’s no “I” in team buddy….. We the people, are all Americans. GO ‘U’ ‘S’ of ‘A’."

Says me:
If ‘U’ ‘S’ay so ‘A’sshole

Why, the streets are virtually radiating a veritable mass of the periodic element gold. You need only adhere to the practical application of the scientific method, that is to say the methodological search and subsequent application of hard work and perseverance, to achieve success in these gold laden streets

Hmph… And all this time I’ve been bustin my ass for pennies, I musta been on the wrong street… Let me jot down that golden address again…that’s what? ? the corner of Dillusional and Misinformed? Bang a right past the bullshit. Just left of Deception, Greed, and Malice. I gotcha.

Now hold up one gosh darned minute. If you practiced the practical application of the er… methodological… er.. ummm… if you applied yourself more and complained less … just maybe…

Ohh, I get it now. Maybe if I applied myself, kinda like they do in the stores when they’re all up in my crack..

“No thanks I’m all set… No really, I’m alright. No for real, I’m not looking for anything in particular. Now for the tenth time, no you may not help me.. I’M JUST LOOKING.

Or maybe like when the police apply themselves to pulling my brothas off the streets cause they ‘fit the description’: WANTED, WANTED, all non-white males, somewhere between the ages of infancy and death.. Possibly short … Possibly tall…. Negro and dangerous … I mean armed and Negro… er …ah… Armed and dangerous … Yeah that’s it”

Or better yet, maybe I should just be more like you and apply myself wholeheartedly to ignorance, while simultaneously applying myself to the art of denial?

If you people weren’t so gosh darned lazy…

“You people” was waitin for that one to come out. Sooner or later it’s always “you people” And which people would that be? The people that were wrenched from their homes, their families, their entire ways of life, and yet somehow still found the reserve of strength to survive and maintain, no matter what? The people whose beauty continues to flourish and blossom despite the ugliness they are forced to bear witness to day in and day out? Or would it be the same people who have paved the way for our future, fighting and battling each and every step, for each and every accomplishment to make it better for us?

US: the sum of all their dreams… And yeah..that’s right I said US. Or in your quest for success, power, money, respect…have you forgotten so easily, this rich legacy that belongs to you too ….. My brotha…

Stop living in history

Stop living without one.

Politickin by V

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