Once Upon A Time

by V

There once was a time
When I would've cried
Scorched by the pain that was blazin inside
Tossin and turnin the hows and the whys
Replayin every day in and out in my mind

And there was a time
That i'd change all for my boo
Watch what I say, and adjust how i do
Stifle my soul if it meant we were cool
Forget all of me to remember all u

And there was that time
U'd always be right
The problems were mine and my lack of insight
U were my sun, my moon, my beacon in the night
And i'd always b wrong in the face of that light

Rememba the time
I'd fight for one drop of ur attention
Leave what i was doin to make sure u were set and
Orgasmically experience ur slightest affections
Shiver and quiver at ur names mere mention

But right now is the time
That i've reclaimed for mine
Soul and spirit realligned
I'm done changin, rearrangin
I'm still the same and thats fine

Cause now be that time
That i finally embrace me
I can see, permission to be 
That free flowin kinda V
Sweet release, inner peace and pure ecstacy

Soul and body unwinds
Spirit soaring divine
Passion flecked, free unchecked flowin, tricklin down my spine
Can't contain it or explain it..
What can I say but? Damn, it's about time.

Once Upon A Time by V

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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