Ex Marks the Spot

by V

Took my love and got it twisted
Kissed, dissed and then dismissed it
Used me up and left me listless
Wonderin how the hell I missed this

Lickin the wounds left by my lover
Kickin myself, tryin to regroup and recover
How'd you eva play me, y didn't I discover
How Lethal u were, a Weapon undercover like Glover

You sat and u lied, I tried and complied,
Til I finally cried as the soul inside of me died
Salty tears stung my eyes as I tried to deny
But can't focus on y, on myself I'll rely

I'm no Toni, and this ain't Just Another Sad Love song,
Say goodbye weakest link cause u know I b the strong
Counterfeit ex-con. I'm movin up and movin on
Cause even before u did me wrong, I maintained all along,

Funny now that I'm straight, u all up my ass
Cause in this script of my life, boy u done been recast
Give u a blast back where u belong, behind in my past,
Ur game's ova u through, straight ran out of gas

For a while I just wished I could go back and erase
But now my heart, my soul, and body have found a betta place
& lookin back, I realize on u, my love was nothing but a waste
And here I am, whole, complete, in my own time and space

I figure in this game of life I already paid my due
I'm on top, reached that apex since the absence of you
Found love, happiness in my new and betta boo
Did I mention he's everything that ur not, multiplied by two?

Now like Joe u stu stu stutter, spit drippin from ur bottom lip
Clean urself up boy, u were only backup, I was the Gladys u were just my Pip
Second string, benchwarmer, sideshow kinda freak
U ain't neva gonna reach my level, u in a pit, I'm at my peak

And everyday I'm thankful, that I left that ass to rot
Cause I've grown, become a woman, remembered all I had forgot
U can go, I don't need u, u schooled me at that, that's what u taught
Learned that lesson, passed that test too, and now it's ova. Ex marks that spot

Ex Marks the Spot by V

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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