Decoder Ring

by V

I wonder sometimes, if you understand me
If maybe I should send you one of those little decoder rings
Bridging the gap between what I mean and what I say.

Do you know that when I tease you
When I play, and joke, and laugh
It's my way of holding your hand
And looking into your eyes,
And saying from my heart:

I feel you
I hear you with all of my senses
Both the words that you say
As well as those that remain unspoken
And I feel in our silences,
An entire universe untapped
All that is, and all that could be

Do you realize that my simple
"How you doin?'
Really means
Tell me what lies within your soul
It means "are you at peace, and if not,
Can I make it better?"
You see, it's just my way of experiencing you fully, completely
Of finding a niche, no matter how tiny
Into the depths of your world

And when I say "goodnight'
It's my way of telling you that I miss you already
And I truly appreciate and recognize all that makes you special.
Like an addict, I'm consumed with a need to feel your vibe again
Because your truth is the kind that only ever exists in fairy tales

I'll definitely send you that decoder ring
Then maybe you'll truly know
How much I do actually understand.

Decoder Ring by V

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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