The Bandage

by Ursula Thomas

She used to marvel at his every word.

Her eyes blazed brightly when he entered a room.

He never knew just how much she cared.

His heart was often broken into a million pieces.

Her shoulder was always available to lean on.

He still could not see what she did.

Others had his attention, but she had his ear.

When the others let him down, she was always there.

He still did not recognize what she saw.

He went to see one of them, but she wasn't alone.

Again to her, he cried.

Her shoulder was there for him alone.

He saved her from utter humiliation and at the same time began healing her wounds.

He was there for her at the most important times, but yet so far.

She really thought, she could make him see her for who she really was.

But, he only half glanced.

In one simple yet confusing night, the winds shifted and he noticed her.

They connected in a whole new way.

Upon the dawning of the new day, she retreated.

She feared the regret he was sure to feel.

They seemed to avoid one another, in the same way.

Yet, he reached out and she again began to heal.

The unimaginable for her began, she knew true feelings.

She began to shed the layers of rejection, and accepted affection.

In her ignorance, she didn't realize he wasn't being true.

He even went so far as to bring her to the places, of the other women he "knew."

Even when presented with the truth a lie was easier to digest.

It couldn't be that the seemingly perfect man, was not so?

To admit it, would be acknowledging failure once again.

Would she always be second best?

No, she deserved, 1st place.

She was a good girl.

She was everything a man could want, innocent and pure.

She had no reputation to speak of, yet he didn't seem to want what was good.

How could she keep what was so rapidly slipping away?

Was it possible to keep what did not want to be kept?

No, it wasn't.

How would she face the world?

Could she live with the "I told you so's?"

Could she survive such a travesty?

Her thoughtless actions, led them to assume she was crazy.

She wasn't;  just hurt, confused, mentally abused and feelings bruised.

She did the only thing she could. 

She bandaged her wounds andran away.

She mistakenly assumed,  he was a real black man.

The Bandage by Ursula Thomas

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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