In Ghetto Slumz(Part 2)

by UniverSouL

In ghetto slumz
 Dark silhouettes
  survive with shortages of breath
Deep in the crevices of catastrophic realities
  can be heard
    the haunting cries of slavery
Day by day
 We die without even dreaming
Even in warm days its cold
  We escape life briefly
   By ejecting the poisons alcohol,
    toxin laced marijuana
      and cocain into our souls
Starved children fold
  in corners
   Wondering when will their hunger die
  Have endured poverty so long 
     that they're immuned to cry
 consumes generation after generation
  Coming into this world
   oursleves we are incriminating
Little girls have babies at alarming rates
 So much that they themselves can't even
   keep pace
On each face
 there seems to be endless stories
  of suffering and pain
 We're stuck 
  with no way out 
    and answers to how we can gain
Life is at a standstill
We're uneducated and unskilled
Help seems a million miles from our reach
  Positivity has been impeached
   We live in a world of our own 
    Exiled from the rest of existence
 Unable to wage wars against oppression
   Scared to better our dismal position.

In Ghetto Slumz(Part 2) by UniverSouL

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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