Leroy Nem

by UniverSouL

Leroy nem 
ran down dirty, dingy streets
of ghettos
Never lettin' go
of that devouring
that could only deliver fatal blows
to any type of pro-
They never learned 
vital lessons 
Kept messin' with death
Confessin' to stress
and fell off
until only a few of them was left

Leroy nem was so wild.
Each one grew up an innocent child.
Only to conquer that same old
monster of a nigger profile.
They was glamourised
for gang bangin', dope slangin'
and pants hangin'.
All the girls thought they was cool
and didn't care that they was just 
conditioned fools.
Leroy nem was smokin' reefa at thirteen
tough turf kings
who broke young girls hearts
at fast extremes
they had it made
stayed paid and laid
But them days
came to an end a long time ago
Leroy nem ain't on top no mo
They dead, locked up in prison
or strung out on dope
Couldn't cope
with that fast life
or the carma that caught up with them.
I still see a few of 'em around the hood
They bums, addicts, and played out pimps 
still up to no good
Just payin' attention to Leroy nem
I learned that it's a never endin' cycle
In the wilderness of this wicked world
we've become devilish disciples
Responsible for our own progression
or dismal survival.

Leroy Nem by UniverSouL

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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