by Uneek

you're a  king and you must know it cause when you walk,
ya  head is always held high and there's a gleam in ya eye
when you walk by people bow down with adoration and andmiration, reverence too
they love you, they fear you, some even wanna be you

because you are beautiful
not just ya thick lips and dread locks not just the way you wearin those jeans
not just the way you lick ya lips before you speak
or shift ya weight from one foot to the other, no brotha, not just those things
you're beautiful because your skin is of the tones of the earth
and your soul is stronger than any creature that inhabits the earth
you're beautiful because you have the heart of a lion 
and you are conscious, you seek knowledge of self
and world doesn't absorb you and control you
you're beautiful because you are real
and fuck what they think, you aint changing ya mind for them
not even for the lady you lovin, you always gonna be thuggin,
if that's ya thing, or whatever you doin, its gonna remain you
true to you and your heart, never torn apart
never confused about what to do, live for life or live for you
you already knowing, when you face descrimination
let it be a realization that you are truly king
because if you weren't superior, you wouldn't be intimidating,
they wouldn't feel a threat simply from your presence
that's power, that's you

and when you love, you love deep, you love with the force of a rushing river
carving your existance past the surface into the deepest crevises of your woman
i know that you wont fuck me, you wont abuse me, you wont disrespect me
you will make love to me, make me know that you are in my world to give,
you are not a selfish lover because you know that giving is the gift,
as a result, you will receive from your woman
a pure, unaltered, unconditional, world changing type of love
and when you love, you smart enuff to realize what it is,
you won't let it go way-side, neglected or unattended to properly,
in the best way, the realest way, the only way it should
dam boy, you know you are king and that's so dam sexy.
that's why when you look at me, my heart skips a beat,
that's why when you say my name, i melt,
that's why when you touch me, i cream
yes sir, you are king
forever noble and honorable king
makes me proud to be...... Queen

King by Uneek

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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