Making Deeper Love...

by Terri L. "Kajmere" Twyman

Can you touch me without touching me? Can you make your presence known exploring the domain of my soul? Like a reoccurring echo vibrating decorated walls. Like a circulating wind filing crevices not surveyed before? Twirling around in its spacious rooms--held warmly secure in its shelter. Can you undress me without undressing me-- peeling off layers of hurtful experiences from the body of my spirit, letting these fall to the base of my being? Yet, not becoming afraid of the awesome nakedness clothed in the illumination of discovery, guiding you to a fuller understanding of the curvatures of my inner self. Can you penetrate me without penetrating me? Can you enter the core of the essence of me, maintaining your composure in the intensity of the heat? Traveling a journey chartered only for the courageous through paths of psyche, imagination, and memory. Reaching deep into a finite darkness meeting infinite light.

Can you bring me to climactic ecstasy without rustling the sheets? Can you stir up emotion arousing it from its sedentary state, causing it to move in upward waves with a force unleashing its fury toward any obstruction? It being driven by the current of the ocean to reach its destiny: a tangerine fire suspended in a lavender sky waiting for the tide, knowing it is sure to come. After touching me without touching me. After penetrating me without penetrating me. After bringing me to climactic ecstasy without rustling the sheets. Can you hold me tenderly? Very, very gingerly. Hold me like a rose safeguarded as precious in the midst of a gray winter's storm while I lay falling asleep in the protection of your strong arms. So fulfilled. So satisfied, as a woman completely loved, made love to deeply.

Making Deeper Love... by Terri L. "Kajmere" Twyman

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