Dear Mr One-Night Stand

by Twinkle

From the moment you came dancing into my life nothing but confusion reigns. You have attacked my every sense. Seeping through the edges to get inside.

I danced with you like I never danced before. Our bodies melted into each other forming a fusion of one. No one else existed when I was in your arms.

I prayed that the music would never end and the fairy tale could just be kept alive for a little longer. All good things came to an end far too quickly. The music ended with deafening silence. Untwine our bodies returning to reality was quite a journey. My exact thoughts were if he moves this way on the dance floor imagine what we can do in bed. My body tingled as these images of us floated through my mind. Then out of the blue…….you sent another tremor for not only can you dance but that beautiful body is attached to a master mind. A mind that thinks and reacts with the speed of lighting, intelligence to the highest degree. You held my attention with ease floating from one subject to the next.

Normally by this time I would have been bored senseless thinking of some excuse to get away. This cannot be happening I thought. What is his game and what is he playing for. One night stand. Definitely, so we play the game older than time getting hotter and hotter till it reaches the point of combustion. Our minds were dancing too. Swords clashed, sparks flew that’s when I decided. If this is my one chance to have a perfect moment with this unique man, I am going to grab it with both hands. Just enjoying the moment for as long as it last, no regrets, no wishing he’d call. Just, simply making my fairy tale come true.

My chariot was taking me on one of the most eye opening experiences I'd ever been part of. We talked from the moment we left to the minute you walk into your castle. We danced, jazz was playing, our bodies mel ted by the power of our minds. Making love to you while dancing, teasing, touching, sensing your need. We were making love with our minds before our naked bodies touched. Finally when we both could not control the need for each other. Clothing fell like raindrops scattering everywhere. The minute, nakedness touched I knew this was the best decision I made in a long time. The intenseness of you being inside of me was mind blowing. I could feel every inch of you. We were on the same level, you knew as well as I that whatever was taking place between us was unbelievable. I sensed your need before you uttered a word. Floating amongst the clouds. Climbing, Riding gently, each stroke taking us to where there is a moment of pure happiness. You treated my body like a precious diamond. You new exactly what to do. Shattering into tiny stars together. Knowing that this will end. Another hammer hit me on the head for not once or twice but five times more, we reached our castle in the sky together. Mind boggling to reach our destination simultaneously? Fear hit me, for this felt so good, so right and yet was so wrong. A different place, a different time it might have amounted to something wonderful.

Like finding gold on a river bed so very rare it is to share complete understanding, physically and mentally with a man. I don’t know who found who but I am glad I decided to throw caution to the wind. Reality crept up on us, my fairy tale was ending. And I, I was glowing…………………

Don’t get me wrong, the one night stand\s thing will only happen with you.

Until we meet again!

Dear Mr One-Night Stand by Twinkle

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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