by Twinkle

I saw you and I know you saw me too. Sneaking peaks at each other. Our minds conquering up numerous ways to get closer to us! Just one word or an intelligent question could spark off a five minute conversation, which could, hopeful lead to an hour or more. How do we get there? Teasing is an option, wittiness might gain more attention. Damn stop thinking just be you or me. Your girlfriend stares at you funny. I can see your mind working, weighing the odds. We just might miss our moment in this delusional world. Maybe we could be true.

So you tease and I am witty, we like what we see. You smart and intelligent, not jealous or possessive, you love flirting, me too. We dance around each other with words like two moths around a candle. People notice we're playing the game older than time. The tension is building like the inflamed sun. Ready to explode into million of stars! Lighting up the darkest corner!

What do I do, I grab my Nike’s yes, the faithful pair, that has never let me down and run. Mentally away from what could have been my moment in life? You see, Nike and I have a long term relationship a bond that has build over the years. He is my wall, my escape route, should we develop into so much more. For then my dream could come true. My search would be over and I, I then have to trade him in for the unknown. So friends we remain and I left you alone.

Seconds turn to minutes and minutes to hours. Days into Months your name like an angel whispering in my ear. I remember you clearly my Nike whispered, “Not that day.” We will meet again but will it still be the same.

Now fate played a game with Nike and me. My life spiralled out of control and I, I landed physically right in your arms. Nothing had changed my mind floated back. Maybe I am ready to exchange my Nike’s for you. The soles are worn and the leather is torn. There jobs is it completed. Have they brought me to home!

Nike by Twinkle

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