Man, Woman

by Twinkle

What is it that men want from a woman.This question, asked so many times but the answer seem to evade us females. On a cold, wet, fuzzy Sunday morning I had the most extraordinary experiences. For I finally am able to answer this now easy question! Being blessed by being in the company of intelligent mature men, just listening to their talk not contribution much made me realise that men and woman are not at all so different. We all are looking for the same thing; unconditional love from the opposite sex.

Here I was listening to men who have been treated so unfairly by us women and yet they're still out there looking for that one special person, who will be able to understand and fit into their life style. What makes them do this? These fine brothers each have a job, a car and a house. They work damn hard during the week or when needed to, so when the need arises for them to down tools and relax, whether it be with a bottle of wine at a bar or at home with a beer, they deserve it for it is their life they living. If they decide to spend a week or weekend fishing or just simply be with their friends, why is it that we females cannot understand.

I personally like they idea of my man keeping his own identity for that is why I was attracted to him in the first place. Why change the man...Yes, some men are extremely selfish and set in their ways. This presents a type of a challenge for being a woman we like to feel special for the silliest of reason and should for some or other reason we do not get what we want. It is but in our nature to make it known. This act is commonly known as complaining to the opposite sex.

Would it not be amazing if I could meet a man who thinks the same way I do. I like my freedom, my identity, and just me. If raindrops could turn into jelly tots... Then my man will understand that on a Friday after a hard week's work it is acceptable for me not to cook. When I feel like putting a few pieces of meat on the fire and make a pit stop at the winery. Getting a bottle of my favourite wine and his, turning the music up and just relaxing being around my kids with him or not, chilling or chatting.

When I do not feel like making his coffee or not doing all the things I normally do in the week. Why does he not understand? When the kids are in bed and I have the need to dance the night away, why does he not just come along or hang out with his brothers. Instead of complaining that I don’t spend enough time with him or why there is no pots on the stove. Oh the best one of all I am not making the fire…………………Do not expect me to help. Does he not know I am an African woman, while the men were fighting; we were feeding our kids, neighbours and nations, not on stove but on a fire. Yes, then the argument start. His favourite words you do not need me. And my thoughts go something like this. “You right I need a real man not a boy.” Normally being the woman we have to make amends first. Due to the proven fact that I hate arguing especially on weekends, the only way to stop the argument is to keep his lower region occupied.

I hate sticking to routines on weekends; damn I do that enough during the week so for good behaviour on weekends I love spending as much time out doors as possible. Go biking, running, reading doing things that makes life worth living. Going to the theatre, going to the stadium to watch soccer or rugby, dancing as much as possible. No I do not go there to meet men. Damn I have you. There is so much of life to live that wasting a second on a weekend is bomdacious. I am not saying spend every second with me, it's up to you if you want to join us or not. Weekends are time to rejuvenate my spirit for the week ahead. I do not mind him going out fishing or whatever he does as long as he tells me. If he needs me to pick him up at a club or a party just call man. A brother nagging, complaining on weekends really is not acceptable.

The words seem to flow on paper now and a thought just hit me--My man does not exist. Why, you ask because it's so simple -- Men want a woman whose life revolves around him. Love them unconditionally.

Should there be any chance of my man being out there. Then surely raindrops can turn into jelly tots.

Man, Woman by Twinkle

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