The End Of Our Beginning

by Twinkle

Hot flames encircled us; with a passion beyond believe. 
The beginning of us began.
With a snap of your finger it ends. 
The choice alone…………… you made.

The fairytale we all so desperately search, 
blown away by wind like grain!
Have we really tried to make it stick? 
Or was the effort to difficult a trick.

One day you there, the next you not!  
A second turns to minutes, minutes to hours 
The cycle remains my broken heart proclaims.

Have you ever asked me if I’m happy?
But you never had time. 
Excuses were ripe
Playing with my mind!

Yet I still love you Dear John
Your image always on my mind
I can still feel your touch
Smell your scent, my body reacts,
To nothingness now!

Did the sword I so stupidly use, penetrate you so deep?
That forgiveness for stupidity, I was incapable to reap.
Two measly words echoed across infinity
Ripping the seams of my heart and dreams

TIME I beseech you wave your wond
So I can claim HEALED, by this
Insanity I foolishly gained.

The End Of Our Beginning by Twinkle

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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