Why Sistas Have Such Beautiful Bodies

A not-so-brief conversation with my brothers, but the ladies might want to hear it too

by Timothy W. Crawford

Mike: "Sisters are just too fine"
TW: "You got that right!"
Mike: "Look at the one in the black.."
PAUSE FOR A MOMENT OF DROOLING!.............................
Mike: "Man, how, what I mean is, damn!"
TW: "I've got my own explanation wanna hear it?"
Mike: "Yeah, just move to the left a little, you're blockin my view"

TW: "I was sitting in a club the other night drinking a Remy with my man Monte. We were talking about jobs, woman and finance. I don't know if it was the fourth glass, or if I was just getting a little bored with hearing yet another remix of Lauryn Hill's "that thing", not that I don't like that song, but she has a lot of other cuts on that record too. Why not play "Zion" or the one about back in the days,"

Mike: "You mean the one that goes "hip hop started out in the park?"
TW: "Yeah that one, that one. You get the picture". Anyway, I started peepin' out all the sistas that were in the vicinity. I mean from 4'11" to 5'9", from rich Hazelnut to deep Chocolate, from Versace to Parasucco,, from short skirt to flowin' skirt, and it was full hips and full lips everywhere. I really bugged out cause I started wonderin, how did we pull it off as a people".

Mike: "Pull it off?"
TW: "I'm getting to it, check this. There was these white guys in the club too and they were drooling over these sista's and I ain't hatin the white guys because a Lexus is a nice car and if he can get financed for one and his mama will let em' lease one; then doggoned! He has a right to drive one!

Mike: "I hate that $^%#%#!
TW: "You might hate it, but don't get me twisted let me put it this way...A sister ain't a car, but like anything that is beautiful in nature, sort of like a sunset, if he wants to admire the beauty of our sistas well, you see where I'm going?, I can't hate him if he recognizes the beauty in a sunset, now can I? Still, the sun has a special place in my heart as well; especially since I grew up wakening to one each morning, okay?'.

Mike: "Okay. Beauty is beauty"
TW: "Right, so anyway, I'm lookin at all the body in this club. The sistas are all voluptuous, sensual, "Divas" and excuse me for being blunt, but damn all this ass in one room! I mean the sistas are bangin', you can save your little dietetic drugs for "One Day at a Time" cuz Thelma is havin' a "Good Time", yah feel me?? I asked that question again, how did sistas pull it off? I think they became so blessed through struggle. I mean if white women had to work 15 hours a day, bending over, standing up, bailin' and cleanin, and then holding their children while they were bailin, cleanin, bendin and liftin then those Oriental, and Caucasians; they would have banging figures too. I think that's where that body comes from".

Mike: "I'm not sure I follow you"
TW: "Well, I'll break it down a little further...Time moves on, Lets shift the game to the 1900's, the early ones. Sistas where ironin, and cleanin, and bending and carrying their children, and a lot of times the brothers felt like less than men because of society or whatever drama they couldn't control, so the sister had to carry our asses too. "

Mike: "That was a little harsh Malcolm!"
TW: "No disrespect to the brothers; I'm one myself, but while we sat around taking all our pain and desperation out on our families and ourselves, sistas had to stroke our egos and tell us that we could "be somebody". To make matters worse, sisters had to throw us over their shoulders and carry us home after spending many nights sittin on creaky ass couches waiting on our asses to get back from the corner after a night of drinkin with our partners. Sisters also may have so much body from absorbin ass whuppin's brothas used to think they could give 'em just because we hated who we were! Our sisters were singing the "blues", and takin a THIRD JOB cause we kept leaving them high and dry yellin' "I can't get no where, you and these kids are holdin' me back" These kids being the kids we gave them, yah know?"

Mike: "All right man I get your point"
TW: "Sorry about that, but it's true!" "So, I'm sittin in this club and I'm lookin' at these sistas and I'm shakin' my head cause the things their bodies do to a man's imagination. Hold up. Don't get me wrong. Some of these sistas aren't exactly in touch with all they have contributed to this earth and what their potential actually is. Some of these sistas are gettin' it twisted and thinking they are only good for being objects and puppets. I'm talkin' about the bad ass sistas with free wills, goals and attitudes. Yeah, those bad ass sistas that walk in a room with confidence struttin that hard earned beauty. Those self-aware sisters are the ones with the body and soul; yah feel me?

Mike: "I'm glad you threw that in!"
TW: "Look Mike, I like hangin' out with my peeps, and sure checkin out sisters is a pass time that stomps the stuffin out of "TGIF friday" or whatever's on CBS, but these same voluptuous, petite, sensual, exotic, tasteful, hypnotizing, intoxicating vibrant women come with some new rules these days and we brothas better recognize".

Mike: "Recognize?"
TW: "In the late 1990's I think a lot of sistas have phat, round asses so we can find there asses so we can kiss them... GOODBYE!

Mike: "Whatever!"
TW: "Look man, sista's aren't going for that "taking our pain out on them" nonsense any longer. Sisters are tired of getting their asses kicked, cleanin, bailin, ironin, bendin, and sitting on that damn couch! Hear ye, hear ye fellas, If we don't get it together, not saying that I would like it, but those white guys over there..."

Mike: "Yeah, I see 'em"
TW: "Those guys who've been checkin out our sistas since they hit the door, you know the ones who will buy them a drink just to sit next to them knowing they ain't getting none tonight, but will just keep being sweet and thoughtful?

Mike: "They can have that buying a drink crap"
TW: "All right, well let's just say those nice white guys love sunsets too, and unless we start setting our alarm clocks and waking up we might just miss them!"

Mike: "I can't see that happening!"
TW: "If we don't get it together quick, all we gonna end up seeing is a lot of fine ass sistas walkin right the hell away! And that's why I think sista's got such beautiful bodies!"

Mike: "Damn, and I thought they were putting something in the water!"
TW: "Damn Mike, you missed my point!"
Mike: "I'm just kidding, I agree with some of it"
TW: "Well, it's just my hypothesis"
Mike: "Lets see what some other people think about your; ...uh, hypothesis"
TW: "Hey bartender..."

Why Sistas Have Such Beautiful Bodies by Timothy W. Crawford

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