U Hurt Me Just a Lil' Bit

by Timothy W. Crawford aka "POET"

I guess you saw the disappointment in my walk/
found the anger in my talk/
felt my mood in the dark/
'Cause I ran my game like Hennessey/
over the rocks/
but you just knodded your head/
and did exactly what they said./
I mean...I went out of my way, baby I.../
I parralel parked my love in your heart /
like a hooptie at the park/
I even layed down a piece of my heart/
gave you the blueprints to find a goldmine of sunshine/
by God's design, you were forever mine/
and I didn't need to posess you/
just address you, caress you/
and when I lost my gig, shit that was Satan trying to test you/
Not me, but you failed miserably/
cause you lost all faith in me,/
Now, I didn't mean to put your business out there/
'but if you were in it for the profit/
you might as well sell it on the corner/
cause the way I put it on yah/
had you hot like a sauna/
and if you were diggin me/
to be trickin me, and now you iggin me/
the whole time you were swallowin'/
then you aint nothin but a cheap, trailerpark/
white bitches Harlequinn stereotypical nemesis/
with an emphasis on the money tip,/
and I wish you'd never had bent/
that round brown ass/
over when I was walking to the can/
and I wouldn't have ever been your man/
Never got caught in this quicksand/
cause damn!/
What type of shit is this?/
You hurt me just a lil' bit!/

U Hurt Me Just a Lil' Bit by Timothy W. Crawford

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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