Southern Shine

by Timothy W. Crawford

You could hear the music humming everywhere
outside of "The Eutopia" that nite,
the lights of a small club rising
above a day of heat and spite
from the creeking of the huge wooden door
that dawned the entrance of this place,
to gleaming floors waxed well with Willies back
and the plucking of an Ace-
that Sonny had the fortune of torchin
to win the pot in a back room-
to Francine and Irene perched at the bar; wearin'
red lipstick and smiling at June
the new guy in town who puffed
a cigar and winked his eye sly; quick-
in this cubby-hole club that smelled of smoke, alcohol
and cold jazz music
to folks that dance, gyrate and groove
drinking romance; brandys and cognac's-
while mysteriously sliding forth and back
on the floor that was waxed well with Willies back
while Sonny counted his winnings, pulling
that Ace in the 9th inning,
past Francine who nudged Irene as the new guy
asked "What you ladies drinking?'
beneath the dimly lit room, adorned with pictures
of great entertainers; Count and Nat,
next to Charles and Carl who sat towards the back
conversatin' on getting their old  jobs back,
onto Ray the bartender, who mixed me a special
drink he called Southern Shine,
to that wooden door that creeked again as
my baby Olivia walked in sultry and so fine,
Later,  my baby and I shared a laugh with Ray
who gladly took six dollars for the brew,
as we danced a slow groove to John
Coltranes' Blue Train; "A long day is through"
Olivia whispered,  as we exited "The Eutopia" my
baby's waist wrapped in my arm sweet and tight,
and as we drove off you could still
hear the music hum outside of "The Eutopia" that nite,
These were the usual happenings in a town
where not much goes on on a Thursday,
and I guess;  my baby Olivia and I, and all the folks at the
Eutopia kinda like it that way.
Anytime your in town just stop by the "Eutopia"
and take the edge off of a stressful day,
I'll have Ray mix yah up a glass of southern
shine, share a laugh,and watch your worries melt away,
and even if you can't make it to this spot,
I'm sure you know a few good folks of your own,
Cause there's a Eutopia in everyones mind
and a Southern Shine ain't nothin but a place you call home!

Southern Shine by Timothy W. Crawford

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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