by Timothy W. Crawford

A pager number?
If I could hold you once in my arms…
Uhm , Uhm-Uhm
I'd see to it,...I'd make 
Miracles happen.
If you'd allow me to touch your skin 
You'd  transcend 
this logical-minded disposition
giving way to depleted inhibitions
Tell me the conditions
I will oblige
Show me the depths
I will comply.
You set up these hoops for me to jump through,
Thinking I won't.
Lady your love shouldn't be an obstacle course.
I know you're selective,
I haven't forgotten.
I admire a woman with a critical eye
Don't think that a man can't identify fresh fruit
>From rotten, 
some men choose the apples on the ground
Because they're too lazy to climb the tree.
Still, they know which is healthier and taste better
leave the preparations to me.
Indulge yourself in this spontaneous act
No need for planning,
I'd travel your body spanning
Miles of luminous fleshly track.
Mommy, Id run game so deep I'd tempt the lord
to send Brother Marvin Gaye back,
just to sing a ballad
No bullshit!
I admit
You are fierce, a dominant feline
A woman among women, strong among weak,
Be that as it may,
Queen, hear me speak.
Iam also dominant, a man among men
A Leader amidst followers, 
I cannot see the future, still women aren't 
the only ones endowed with premonition.
And if you spend this time, this moment, this second,
This (snap)
I Uhm , Uhm-Uhm
I'd see to it, ...…I'd make 
Miracles happen

Your work number?  
Cool, now we're getting somewhere.

P E R S U A S I O N by Timothy W. Crawford

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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