Nothin' But Love 4 U

by Timothy W. Crawford

I've got nothing but love for yah,
you'll always be my man
even when you approach me with a cup in your hand
Shouting and cussing, somehow forgetting the name my mom gave me
and out the side of you neck you tell me
I know it's simply your way when you address me as
"yo' nigga" on the subway
that word is something I'd rather you'd say in the seclusion of our own
private conversations.
And no I'm not above you and I still got love for you
I've just been to some different places, seen traces of the sun
I'd gladly give you some
other calls of reference
and let you choose your preference.
I'm not going to
brow beat you when I meet you cuz, I understand
with a 40 in your hand
and a blunt in your head band.your still my man...
Sis I know you wonder - could men look any harder,
mini-skirts require work low-cut blouses
all your attractive powers U keep eyes glancin' and dancin' up and down
your backside with ease, but, I've got a 7 year-old daughter
and I respect women , so please don't trip if I do my own thing,
and if my thing isn't your thing that's all right too.
Mama told me long time ago 'U can't change grown folks"
4 the record:
I hear you say how you're
keeping it true, but
keeping it true,
has nothing to do,
with asses and forties using the word nigga
pimpin or fightin
dope or drinkin
cheap brew
that's not real
that's not true
I still got luv 4 U

Nothin' But Love 4 U by Timothy W. Crawford

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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