Lifetime Drama

by Timothy W. Crawford

It was a drama
my life transformed into an epic
though some claim it
merely my "rites of passage"
My truest tales were left tucked away 
in cabinets
and my secrets...
stored away in the attics
of my space
So when this shot of 100% Proof Vodka
was born into ink
I watered down your drink
made it fit for you to digest
assuming if you knew the rest
if I told the rest
you'd protest,
"This is not you at your best!"
but it is me nonetheless.
I trailed off my story
resorted to breaking it up
instead of breaking it down,
now I look around &
I see the debris
of a you and me
that may have come to be...
and I wonder if my closets and basements should've seen daylight?
and I wonder if the words we speak ever come out right?
I watered down your drink,
cuz ladies don't drink
100% proof vodka straight
they desire simple plots & clean slates
no skeletons laying in wait
...and to let you off the hook,
to cross me safely out of your book,
a few drinks is all it took
Lady, I promise you this:
my drinks only get harder and harder
and to avoid injury
look for a romantic comedy
not thrillers packed with twists
no good guys; 
antagonistic nemesis
who drink moonshine
before sunrise
and drive
and thrive

Lifetime Drama by Timothy W. Crawford

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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