Chasing Before

by Timothy W. Crawford aka "POET"

Whenever your eyes gloss over
Whenever that thing happens, that thing
where there was a moment of uneasiness
when I could've played the music for your
soul to dance but didn't
My mind races
and your eyes show disappointment
to that silently I say...
I'm from the streets and welfare cheese
takes a long time to melt
If love would've loved me then Icould love you totally
disintegrate memories of loss
in a quest for sanctuary in your heart
I could depart my distractions, circumvent my demons
provide an exodus for my avoidance which mimicks annoyance
and when you spoke of tomorrow in such effervescent lucency
I could chase you full speed down that road of "what if"
without packing a lunch or a change of clothes, but then again,
....I bought that last time

If love would've loved me I could picture
landscapes and figures in the future
trip off the magnificance of days dissolving into decades
transforming into a lifetime spent with no regret
Rocking chairs on shaded porches; grandkids picking
dandelions and catching butterflies while our
grayheads sat glistening like majestic crowns.
Welcoming eternity with no anxiety
Yes, love sounds good to me,
but baby this is what I beleived before!
...and like I said before, this cheese melts slow.

I Remember those days I spent an hour in the shower trying to
hold it togetheer.
I remember those sleepless nights healing while my
whole world burned
Yeah, I remember that shit!
I'm trippin lady, cause if you love me now after all that we've been through
my transformation from pure romantic to wounded artist
I must've been something else before
I'm trippin cause you would have really loved me then,
back then when you should have loved me
cause this love
this piece of me I give to you isn't all of me
it's merely a tenth.
and I'm here with you sweating memories of dreams I had
when we were us, like we used to be,
you know us?
Now you, me, we chase before
And damn this cheese still hasn't melted.

Chasing Before by Timothy W. Crawford

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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