by TW. Crawford

I love brothers
Brothers aren't scared to teach
black hands reach the soul
dig below surface pain
brothers know brothers are all the same
from sameness comes truth
reality lies within the woman; the root
truth is confused as bold overtures
by outsiders, yet truth is 
known as hope to 
above all others..
I love my brothers.

I love my brothers.
Scared brothers don't love brothers
Scared brothers smother each other
Scared brothers are afraid brothers might surpass
their level.
Brothers love seeing brothers doing well,
it reminds them that life isn't all hell
any brother who holds down another brother
isn't a brother...
get it together

Brothers have their own walk
only brothers can pimp it like brothers.
Brothers mourn brothers.
Brothers mourn Tupac and Notroius BIG
like white men mourn Elvis, James Dean and John Lennon.
>From DC to NY
>From MI to TX
>From AL to VA
>From every state in this country
>From every nation on the planet
another day of life; precious not for granted.
I love my brothers.

Brothers know night sticks and pink slips
Brothers know unemployment lines and chalk lines.
We know the history and the reality of the streets
our stories are uncommon, our journeys are bittersweet


We brothers,
We stand,
We speak,
We die,
We cry,
We love,
We laugh,
We lose,
We win,
We brothers beneath the skin.

Brothers by TW. Crawford

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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