Black We Are

by Timothy W. Crawford & Domonique Bryant

What if I could tap dance with Sammy?
Win a Grammy,
Playin a ghetto kid 
Who did
For his family

What if I could resurrect Sam Cooke
And take a long look
At what it took
To be a legend before his time
Would I immerse
Into his verse 
His mind?

What if I could ignite 
the night
Bend light 
and shine insight
on 2 PACís crucifix
Take a walk with Eddie Kendrickís
Ignoring his many critics
And get to know his music

Could I tell our story best
After having tea with Malcolm X
maybe I sound a little crazy
but sometimes I trip
when I reminisce
on how 
black and beautiful
beautiful and black we are
so many stars 
so many stars
when I think how magnificent and
Black we are

I donít think it crazy or silly
I feel that exact same way with Billy
her strong voice
leaves me no choice but to 
stand up straight
sing a take 
"Good morning Heart Ache"
feel her pain
touch her heart 
like she has mine 
over and over again

Oh, to rewind time and absorb her mind
Madam CJ Walker
a millionairess in her time
a people filled with talent
like sand on the ground
Whom are cream, dark chocolate
and Cocoa Brown
I write about my people 
to feel the love of Black people
through the ora
of Zora

I want to skit kat kat 
bitty bap bap pah
like Ella
I wanna dance and clown
split the air 
flip the ground
shake my money maker
like Josephine Baker

Those past still shine bright
as the light in every star
the proud 
and gifted black 
are we
the beautifully Black 
we are! 

Black We Are by Timothy W. Crawford & Domonique Bryant

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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