Acceptance: An Ode 2 Tupac

by TRU

Piercing dark eyes like obsidian weaponry
Skin as rich as a Godiva chocolate souffle truffle
A full-lipped mouth that spoke 1,000 tongues, a lyrical Bible
U hated those who do not care about the realities of life
U despised the odds against a person because of social stereotypes
An intellectual black hole is UR mind
UR emotional heart is the poisonous tip of Cupid's arrow
A passionate young man with deep convictions of struggle and poverty
I remember when the news stations reported that U had been fatally shot
It was 1996 and I was only 10 but I knew that we had lost a legend
7 years later I say 2 U
"Rest in peace, my rose that grew from concrete"

Inspired by Howard Craft

Acceptance: An Ode 2 Tupac by TRU

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