Visions of Struggle

by Troytribe

Sometimes I have visions of struggle
Fighting the force of hands
Trying to pin me down against my will
To feel helpless to such things
Unable to resist the weight upon me
Carried to a restricted place
Raindrops of stinging hide on my hide
Suppose to suppress my urge to flee
Yet the urge remain strong
Stronger with each beating cycle
My body submits to itĘs threshold
My mind does not
From generation to generation
This was a part of his story
But I refuse embrace it
As a part of my history

I have visions of struggle
Many played by different players
All the same battles
Its like on my molecular level
My cells descended from my ancient families
Passed on thru their matter
Since matter canĘt be destroyed
It can be transformed and reborn
Rebirth as an element of my fibers
Carrying the same traumas and triumphs
Locked from my cellular films
Replayed back on the sheets of my soul

I have visions of struggle
I feel their anger, still
I feel their pain, still
I also feel their joy
Often triggered by aromatic flavors
Or distant greens 
That I only visited once

Sometimes these visions break from struggle
Reform to praise
Reformed to a haze of elation
Though these visions are brief
Briefer than any of the blight
They are welcomed when they visit
Like a long lost cousin from afar
They call me home

Sometimes I have visions of struggle
Now they are just that
I no longer fret them
For they are a part of me
So I no longer struggle with my visions
Simply because they are mine

Visions of Struggle by Troytribe

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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