Summer Got Madness

by Troy

Damn, what a hot hot summer
Cant take this heat any longer
Bad to have a broken AC
But I do have comfort in my ice tea
Sipping to quench my thirst
Just hope it don't get any worse
Chillin in a window to catch a breeze
No wind or movement through the trees
Airs all quiet and still
But my CD's rocking the real
Just then, a beautiful vision appears
Coming down the street very near
Striding like a prized stallion
Rocking locks and a bone medallion
I see the head bobbing to my tunes
Feeling its essence, girls in tune
Yeah, definitely picking up my higher vibes
Because I representing more than the ruff thuggish side
Stopping by and starting to converse
Speaking verbs of a higher verse
Surprised to see my mental are able
To decipher hers, I am very much capable
For the few intense moments
Our connection is layered dense
Words canvassing each mental arena
Vivid visuals of soulfulness only dreamed of
We are as one ENTITY
Made for each other especially
Lost puzzle fragments
Composed of the same elements
Cant allow this to slip away from my grasp
Our vibe has to continue, man think fast
Told her I wanted to continue to converse with heaven
Then the goddess sista gave me her seven
Embracing as only the deep knows
Gently squeezing in a caring hold
The physical heat no longer an issue
Summers hold quickly subdued
For now there's a new FIRE
A deeper level of desire
One of fulfilling the mind
This goddess is one of a kind
This day of summer heat
Definitely a different beat
One I want to move to
One I want to groove to
With this beautiful BLACK QUEEN
I do
Oh my goodness
I surely forever do

Summer Got Madness by Troy

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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