The Coltrane I Experienced

by Troytribe

I want to ride the trane
Not just the bandwagons like many
The one with soul
The one that holds heat
Even when itÆs COL,
Harmony on the saxophone
Blown some notes into my pool
Saturating my molecules with happiness
Now digested and a part of me
Free to roam about freely,
In a Sentimental Mood to vibe the waves
Surf æRound Midnight of my clock
Tick tock tick rock the pendulum
Balancing the Equinox of bad and excellence
I am swept away whimsically
As I fly to Jupiter on Giant Steps
The Stardust in my eyes is Kind of Blue
Gliding my Body and Soul through the 5 Portraits of self,
Explore each chamber of the inner
Deep diving to find each degree
Melodies that are torches in this coldness
Warming the spots I need
To float on the vibrations to Resolution,
So What If most canÆt follow the tones
Thrown off the Blue Trane
Catching the Afro Blues something fierce
Not that I ever had that problem,
I reflect on past memory films
In My Shining Hour one Summertime
My Cousin Mary told dear Mr. Syms 
As they strolled the Central Park West end
Something great about me,
I was just Like Sonny, a favorite uncle
She saw how the horn 
Relaxed him, relaxed me
I thrived on this Acknowledgment,
It helped a brother create huge visual dishes
Mentally steering pencil in hand
My art, one of My Favorite Things
All connected to the musical voyages
Woven into my own growing threads,
So you see itÆs a Functional element
My art, my expansion, my love, my soul
Of the mighty enjoyment of sound
The jazzy experience
Not just any experience

The Coltrane I Experienced by Troytribe

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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