Uncommonly Sens ual Experience

by Trineka D. Greer

I want to taste life...
I want to roll it around on my tongue
I want to familiarize my palette with its varied textures
I want to grind it with my teeth
I want to savor each swallow as it glides down my throat
I want to bask in the pleasure of knowing that it provides my entire being with sustenance.

I want to touch life...
I want to tickle my skin with its wonders
I want to sloth the rough areas with its coarseness
I want to warm my appendages with its fire
I want to massage away my pain vigorously with its infinite possibilities
I want to wrap it around me so I can be immersed in its reality.

I want to smell life...
I want its aroma to wake me in the morning
I want its odor to keep me active in the struggle
I want its perfume to draw me closer to all living things
I want its scent to reconnect me to my unharmed inner child
I want to inhale it and exhale my fears and insecurities.

I want to hear life...
I want my heart to gyrate to its erratic bass line
I want my soul to fall in love with its melody
I want my mind to tune into the highest pitch that it hums
I want my body to undulate to its sensuous rhythms
I want its eclectic collaboration to sing me into a euphoric frenzy.

I want to see life...
I want to witness the different ways that it presents itself
I want to pierce through its diaphanous outer shell
I want my third eye to connect me to its purity
I want to travel its metaphysical paths from the past to the future
I want to capture its scenarios as memories that will never fade away.
! i want to live?

Uncommonly Sens ual Experience by Trineka D. Greer

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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