The Ghost of the Chameleon

by Trineka D. Greer

you were so different that i could not see
that he who had come before was revisting me
but i was not blinded by a nice body or looks
this time your seductive words served as the hook

you didnít look like the others it was not love at first sight
instead the persuassion of your words hastened my plight
i yearned to feel loved by someone but not just in the bed
so i allowed you in deeper and you played with my head

i should have left the first time that you called me a bitch
instead I allowed you to stay and began digging my own ditch
i began to believe that there was something wrong with me
pretty soon i was so weak that i lost my ability to see

then came the beatings a fear i had never known before
i cried but i stayed and you knew youíd found your new whore
bruised skin, bones and ego i couldnít speak i was too embarrased to tell
apologies, gifts and flowers and once again i was your southern belle

when you began staying out all night simply refusing to stay home
i was infuriated but you beat me why didnít i want to be all alone
i allowed myself to need you any attention was much better than none
one night you were so angry that you beat out our unborn son

please God i am praying that you give me the courage and strength to leave
he climbed on top of me and through that vileness a new child was concieved
even though i had lost myself to him i know that this new life musnít be
   thrown away
chameleon you almost took my life but losing Godís child is a price i
   cannot pay

The Ghost of the Chameleon by Trineka D. Greer

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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