by Trineka D. Greer

i knew he was bad news from day one
but he was just so damn pretty that i closed my eyes
and allowed him to enter my temple
maybe if there had been a scar on that pretty face of his
it would have been better maybe  i wouldnít have been so naÔve,
so enchanted
but there was not a scar that i can think of
thatís why i was so excited to have been chosen
i was his lady
and everything about him was perfect

except for his shitty attitude, his foul insulting mouth
his lack of appreciateion for me and his poor time management.

his eye brows, his beard and his mustache were perfectly groomed
every hair in its intended place
his toe and fingernails were always even and clean
there was never any food or dirt not even lint underneath them
his teeth were gorgeously shiny and as white as untouched snow when it
first falls from the sky
there were no gaps or cavities and every one was exactly
where it was supposed to be
and everything about him was perfect

except for his abusive hand, his slick excuses,
his lack of respect for me
and the way he fucked me real quick with no emotions just hard
animalistic sex.

his eyes were deep, black and mesmerizing, he read my mind
he did exactly what he knew i wanted what he knew i needed
his hands and arms were strong
when he held me i felt at home
comfortable and safe
and his manhood was always ready when i was
didnít have to do much and it fit so well
he was so gentle in the beginning
and everything about him was perfect

at first but once he knew i was hooked it all changed,
he treated me like i was his personal whore
while calling me his woman, he had total and complete
disregard for my feelings
no one understands why i donít want to be with him no more,
they say i am stupid
for leaving such a good man
but i guess i fooled them with the same lies
that he fooled with

but i know he was not the one for me,
he was bad news from day one...

Chameleon by Trineka D. Greer

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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