This Little Piggy

by Memphis Vaughan, III

This little piggy was born to a sow with twenty piglet brothers and sisters in a barnyard. It was a hot day and the farmer was in the house. When the farmer came out he was happy to see the piglets. He told his wife that in about eight weeks he would send a couple of them to homes around the area. This little piggy with his long eyelashes and short legs seemed to smile while he waited in line to be fed.

Eight weeks passed and the little piglets were about twenty or so pounds. Sure enough, a couple of piglets went here and there and the others were left on the farm. This little piggy stayed home. Playing in the yard and digging up worms and bugs with the other pigs, it was almost feeding time. The pigs were then led to a V-shaped feeding trough and fed store bought pig chow and fresh fruits. The farmer came up to this little piggy and gently rubbed his ears and brushed his skin with a brush ironically made from pig hair.

Several months had passed and the remaining pigs were getting big and fat. The farmer stayed on the phone more and ordered an animal-carrying truck. This little piggy began to worry and knew they had just gone to get their shots a week ago. The farmer came over and treated the pigs to some apples. He then saw the truck coming and guided the pigs in its direction. The pigs were loaded and were on their way. On the way to the market, this little piggy began to wonder if he and his siblings would become Christmas dinner, or fine tanned leather or even fertilizers and insulin for diabetes patients. The truck stopped and the door opened. Outside the truck this little piggy could only think about chops, bacon, pig feet, ham, roasts or even becoming soap.

Outside the truck the farmer started placing red ribbons on them and led them towards a warehouse-type building. Outside there were flashing lights, spinning things, and the smell of pig flesh. This little piggy started squealing as they entered the warehouse and so did the rest of the pigs. When the farmer opened the door of the warehouse he led the pigs to a stack of bundled hay and left. The pigs started squealing wildly, scared they were about to be butchered, when all of a sudden an announcer came on the loudspeaker and said, "All vendors, you have thirty minutes until the fair starts, I repeat thirty minutes until the fair starts." The pigs stopped squealing from horror and started squealing for joy. This little piggy started to bat his long eyelashes in excitement.

After the fair, which won this little piggy a first-place ribbon, the farmer took a detour to another warehouse. The pigs squealed with joy again since they had such a great time at the other warehouse, which was really a fair. As the pigs unloaded, they heard the horrifying sounds of pigs squealing and cow's mooing. The pig's cheerful disposition soon turned dour as they were led to the warehouse. As the doors closed behind them, they read: John's Family Slaughterhouse.

This Little Piggy by Memphis Vaughan, III

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