Nine at Six

by Top-az

One of the six kids
Daughters of a mad phene 
Pretty little sweet kid
You could spot her physic before she even reached sixteen
Her presence was like the sweet dream
The problem is
Her emotional being was never clean
It must have been the fury within I see
Just at six 
She had a nine so she feared none 
A heartless one, never thought twice 
Infested with Satan after she murdered a nun
At twenty-one reloaded her memory device and remembered the time
Just at six
It clicked 
She loaded her first clip
Darkness soon chromed her crib, see
It's never easy to reach high when the surface is steep but she did,
Cause no one said life was a chocolate coated with cream,
She'd speak
Balanced like she had six feet,
Deep where the coffin is
She knew someday she'd sleep in it
"To hell with Satin he lives me"
Cause the sky is only the limit 
once you've found solace in death's approach
In life your spirit is the only coach 
But when her shit blew that smell became that flower when it rose
But how could she have spotted a right from a wrong 
cause even the devil wears a coat now quote, 
the master's words she spoke 
Its all hieroglyphics dawg just master the code...
At clapping guns she was alright
Just like how I, would justify 
To cops when caught with a sly
Fate will always serve that price
Plus death is easy when you looking at how quick 
you finish a cigarette when you drunk or high...
It's no film, 
Primitive celestial deities and Nephilims incinerated her lightened mind...
She had a nine at six
Analyze this,
There is no axis in this 
Whether you y or x 
But ask why x turns axes
The thick blades that forced her life to exist
Its double D man...
Decapitation of her spirit and Damnation day 
We all await, for her
Who ever laid on her shall collide
With giants in tombs of Goliad where
Even ghosts connive and only he who father
The son, will strip this word naked
And expose this figure
Of speech
Adam and Eve shall sink
Cause we all live with sins 
Since that nine at six
And Earth is she who of I speak

Nine at Six by Top-az

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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