Dream on Broad Day Light

by Top-az

In a dream on broad daylight, I walked
Bare footed 
I walk
On gravel roads with thorns
I walked
This is a journey beginning from the days of Shaka Zulu
The days before a Blackman was deceived by a foreigner 
This is
The journey beginning 
In times where knowledge of oneself navigated the man
In times
Where virginity defined a woman
So supreme
In times where a Blackman was free
Of slavery
Just the green surfaces of large land
All a road with no bend
But then as I walked my journey then came to a sharp bend
I bent
Where morality began
To run
Dark clouds began to obscure the views of the sun
I continued
And walked
From the day of the great Shaka 
this gravel road took me to the times 
of politics initial point of existence
In times of the big bad Verwoerd
Where morality declined
No more green lands 
No more knowledge of oneself 
Just pain
Slavery and burning homes
The age of apartheid had arrived like a mad man
Still bare footed on gravel roads with thorns I walked
The journey continues
I came to the time of the taken stand
Where humanity finds direction after being misled
A story that's said 
In time 
I saw the great man Madiba taken to the Island
I saw the hearts so badly broken concrete couldn't mend
In spite of the bleeding feet I went on and walked 
These tragedies forced me to continue on gravel roads with thorns
This time taking me to the great battle of 1976
The crowded street
Invaded with policeman, students and bullets
Gunshots polluting the sounds of mother earths melodies
This is an illness with no remedy
I continued 
Still on thorn covered roads
I go to times where freedom was born
Like that Christmas ghost
I silently walked in the past around the school block 
and saw the bullet go through Hector
From his flesh in a flash his soul rose and shouted 
Viva South Africa Viva
The streets no more crowded with anger-demented policemen
But the people in line gradually moving towards the vote boxes
These are the times where humanity freely expresses
Never caring any less about damaging their voice boxes 
Where people are no more killed in streets
Where children are free to feed
The time where we constitutionally free 
but mentally we still jailed in dark caves 
of white man's confusing trap
These are the times of today
Where we miss led by optical illusions of survival obsession 
The times of today where we even robbed in the mid-day
Times where we believe we free if we hypocrites 
Times where we feel so free we end up murdering our own families 
These are times that bring my journey to an end
I no more walked but I woke
Dam what a dream on broad daylight 

Dream on Broad Day Light by Top-az

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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