Break of Dawn

by Top-az

At the break of dawn 
When tides are thrown 
The wind is strong
Especially when the day is gone
The wicked and satin separate like divorce
God will enforce the force that draws the shores and conquers the core
Only surviving was as strong as part of the unscripted laws
Reap and rape its satin's laws 
Hens forth his jaws will drop on the floor when miracles of God
Cross upon the eternity torn and serviced the good 
that's torn apart by the pistols claws
I guess, 
I be the father when the word is poured, it's all in the corpus 
Careful of enemy number 1,2,3 now focus 
And let my imagery broadcast
All spells of your mental abduction was all cast so listen and read
The T.V is all corrupt  
I telepath and neglect the rest 
See all this evil was once all blessed so Sir
Tell you know how to strike your best
Like disillusions of a priest in a church 
God will emerge when it's all in the verse of major satanical spells
The history text only will tell
Your father could have felt
There's more then life's incarcerated all the light just over night
And now the spirits numb becoming atheist try and jump over his might

Primitive medicines manipulated by voodoo practices, you do mathematics
Academics the primary source of the systems hypnotisms 
Now these fables threatens the actual existence 
And throw an axe on flat bases of vessels of your persistence...
In an instant through incense 
Through obscene scenes with just a bit sense
Contaminate and not educate kids
The melody sucks, on artificial strings 

Germination of cells exposes genes 
Now sweet on her sixteen
Progress Days of our Lives and touch those screens 
Learn how to kiss 
From blunts to chicks from chicks to lips from lips to tits she's fully stripped
They've seen it all now the paragons 
Implemented measures it's the evidence of negligence its all irrelevance 
Significance of cash prevents events of blessed ceremonies  
To Solomon good and bad is paid like bigamy 
Trace the frequencies it all goes back to Satanism on cursed places to scientists 
Just read 
High on weed still breathe through ecstasy 
Set the piece the puzzle speaks of hierarchy and prophesies, societies 
Phases with drawn faces
Hopes a broken rope when coke is overdosed and mentals overload
Forget the pope you all alone just read
I is only sent to speak the truth that's hid in poetry its nature's chemistry
Its God for us all and so is Satin you just choose
There really isn't much difference between me and you
As you unwind your mind is screwed,
Unlock the hieroglyphics and inscriptions and study the clues
On plane sight is where it's all glued
Just open books and read
For I can only release that droplet of life but I can never force you to drink
Open books, and read

Break of Dawn by Top-az

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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