I Will Not Stop

by Theresa Taylor

I am a soldier in God's army 
my position is predominant my determination is like steel 
my visions are bright and goals are limitless. 
I will not stop.

The struggle of my ancestors still moves on 
I will crawl before I will walk, 
but once raised from my knees to my feet 
I will have the power through me of the almighty. 
I will not stop.

The name that was chosen to be given to me 
in the birthplace in my mother's arms, 
it is that name that will stand out and be heard. 
I will not stop.

There are no negative words from my neighbor 
nor any other living humans that share this planet 
that could allow me to stumble, fall, 
slow down nor give up.
I will not stop.

I was placed here by my savior on a mission 
that is due to be completed by a promise 
that I made to my Lord, Jesus Christ. 
I will spoil my mocha angel with my success 
and I will show off my achievements to my fellowman. 
I will not stop.

What I will accomplish in this given life 
will be concrete and my teaching will be reminisced. 
I will not stop.

I have a plan to explode, not the world. 
But to show the world that, 
I will not stop.

I Will Not Stop by Theresa Taylor

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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