My L.O.V.E.

by Kimberly Yaa-theory

I will dance love circles around the hatred of historyís heart While cutting our ancestorsí bodies from the trees of 1506 Iíll dance in crystallic rivers and oceans and dream of Egyptian skies that hold hands with Sankofa and kiss the fingertips of King Tut, so the legacy of our richness as Black continues until the end of eternityís love affair with Cleopatra and wait for the trembling sun to climb into the sky to separate the writers from the thinkers and the doers from the do nots and the free from the enslaved and let the wind join them together as if it was her last breath

Iíll make myself into a self-consuming artifact just like the pyramids and years after I have passed on, the world will still wonder how it is that I am still reserved as the greatest of all time like Tupac and he and I will lay within those pyramids and have the rest of the world doubting that we are from the concrete because we did grow into a beautiful rose that they will never overstand, cause the only ones we are meant to mean anything to are the ones who are like us

And since there will come a time when military soldiers will be forced to stand over me with a gun pointed at my head, daring me to want freedom from the oppressor, I now charge them with the murder of a Pantherís child since I have been reborn through Angela Davis and Huey Newton and I claim to have been charged with resisting slavery, since they traded our chains for handcuffs and our plantations for the projects

My L.O.V.E. by Kimberly Yaa-theory

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